How to impress a recruiter – 7 Tips to succeed at being a great candidate

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You have contacted a recruiter for a role, now you need to impress them enough for them to feel confident sending your details to one of their clients.

Recruiters build relationships with their clients over time, and they understand the businesses they work with. This gives them an insight on the candidate needed so before you , so you need to impress the recruiter enough for them to think you are the right candidate for the job.

Before you do anything, the first task is to:

1.Check your CV:

Incomplete, inadequate or CV’s that are badly written are a problem for recruiters. Your CV needs to be concise, formatted well and contain no spelling or grammatical mistakes. You would not accept poor information so do not expect the recruiter to.

2.Don’t apply for everything:

The majority of us have been in the situation where the timescale to get a new role has been short, but this does not mean applying for every job you see. Recruiters are extremely busy and if they are taking too much time out of their day reading your CV for roles that aren’t your specialism, then your name will become synonymous with wasting their time. 

3. Do your research:

When a role is one that you are interested in, and you have the skills and experience, take the time to tailor your CV. Check the role against others you have done and make sure you have all the answers to any questions you may be asked. You need to make it as easy for the recruiter to sell you to their client as possible, and by doing this your CV will stand out as a suitable contender.

Once you have achieved the point where the recruiter is speaking to you about a role, then there are several things you need to do:

4. Communicate:

Recruiters will not chase you if you haven’t returned any calls. If you are at work and unable to answer, then call them back at the earliest opportunity. They have already decided to talk further so don’t waste this chance.

5. Be honest:

Everyone embellishes their CV, and this is something that all recruiters and hiring managers consider. When it comes to serious issues, experience and abilities, don’t lie. You will get caught out, and the recruiter will refuse to work with you. 

6. Be smart:

Whether you are meeting the consultant in person or over a video chat, dress smartly. You wouldn’t go to any other interview in casual clothing, so why do it with a recruiter? If you want to be taken as a serious candidate, then act like it.

7. Don’t let them down:

You have reached the stage where the recruiter is confident in you and has sold you to their client. When you are offered an interview, do not let your recruiter or the client down. When you go to your interview make sure you are prepared, on form and ready to make a good impression. If the client ends up going another way, you want your feedback to be positive, so the recruiter is happy to put you forward for other roles.

A recruiter’s primary function is to provide a solution for their clients, and will only send through candidates that have a chance of success. Their role does not entail fixing your CV, chase you for information, do your research for you and then get you the job. All of this comes down to you. Your element of the partnership is to make sure you stand out to the recruiter for the right reasons, and they will then make the introductions to their clients on your behalf.

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