Get Organised…. Tips on Working from Home

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Top 10 tips on making working from home a success….

  1. Maintain regular hours
  2. Create a morning routine
  3. Dedicate a work-space wherever you can
  4. Ensure that the people around you know your ‘work time’ and your ‘home time’
  5. Plan your day and schedule, have a visual with specific tasks and targets of what you want to achieve or complete
  6. Schedule breaks and take them in their entirety
  7. Keep in contact and stay connected with colleagues
  8. Take advantage of the ‘perks’ of working from home
  9. Eat healthy home-cooked food and stay hydrated
  10. End your day with a routine, create a habit that signals it’s the close of a workday, shut down your computer and do something that makes you happy

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