Business Continuity Plans

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As the UK is plunged into another full lockdown and the prospect of a worsening global pandemic is upon us, businesses are once again dealing with the issues and the reality of managing staff absences, supply chain disruptions, intermittent closures, and a loss of business.

It is now more important than ever for commercial businesses to evolve their practices, allowing them to continue operating fully in order to come out the other side even stronger

The following are some points to consider having in your business plan moving forwards.

Create Business Continuity plans to implement in cases of operational emergencies, identify potential risks and threats, what areas of the business these could impact and appropriate strategies to recover.

Use this period as a time to research and identify new trends for 2021 and specifically for your industry what can benefit your business now and in the future.

Liaise with your customers and suppliers and discuss co-ordinated responses. Think long term rather than short.

Scrutinise your current contracts: ensure you know your rights and obligations, and those of your clients and suppliers.

New ways of working could also include:

  • Long term provisions for staff working remotely – reducing fixed costs in the long term
  • Reduce outflows and re-negotiate costs where applicable
  • Recruitment Drives for Cross-functional teams – your employees are your greatest resource – identify staff that can be cross-trained in order to perform a variety of roles.
  • HR/Staff analytics
  • Expansion of areas of business development
  • Flexible working hours for staff
  • Investing in cloud-based tech & communications
  • Outsourcing non-core activities
  • Regular team briefs/meetings and communicative activities

Finally, and most simply, we can come through this with hard work, a lot of home-school juggling and a bit of tenacity for a brighter vaccinated future.

Stay safe.

All the team at EL Recruitment Solutions.

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